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Attractions in Naples

It would be easier to state what visitors could not do in Naples, Florida, because the only thing that comes to mind is snow-skiing. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the eco-tours with kayaks, hiking trails, canoes, and bicycles. There are preserves set aside and protected for the natural habitat and its denizens.

The Naples Nature Center has mangrove-lined waterways to paddle through at leisure. Kayaks and canoes are for rent from 9:30-12:00 noon Monday through Saturday. This center sponsors wildlife rehabilitation and an aviary with bald eagles in residence. There is also a 3.000-gallon marine aquarium and a museum of natural history. It sounds like a perfect place for a family outing.

Just north of the Everglades, Naples has quite a few purveyors of outings to various parts of the larger area. Airboat rides and other watercraft tours are available for wildlife viewing. Crocodiles and alligators exist in the same habitat here, and no other place on earth.

The 10-mile strip of pristine beaches will provide many water activities for visitors of all ages. Swimming, fishing, surfing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing can all be done and seen on the beaches. Parasailing is certainly ever-present, and boat and Jet Ski rentals are not difficult to find.

After all of this outdoor fun, come into The Waterside Shops and empty some wallets. High-end designer shops, including Tiffany's, live in this habitat. Restaurants, snacks, and ice cream make the hunting, or shopping, even better. Apparel, jewelry and home furnishings await shoppers in their natural surroundings.

Golf, golf, and more golf is an old stand-by in Naples but the clear favorite of so many. Blindfolds would be necessary to miss seeing the golf courses or the signs directing pilgrims to Mecca. This area must be the holy shrine of the golf club given the many locations for worship.

Fresh seafood and native citrus fruit are good enough reasons to visit Naples. Countless sites for consuming these native delights lie in wait to swallow up wandering tourists. The tourists wander back out in a contented state, ready for more vacation adventures or a moonlight stroll on one of the fine beaches.

Dinner cruises at sunset are relaxing and rewarding. The west coast of Florida is known for its blazing, colorful sunsets, and unique ways to celebrate them. Visitors need a nice, calming cruise after a strenuous day of shopping.

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