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Getting Around Naples

Car rental services are very popular in Naples, Florida. If you're in town for a formal event such as a wedding, anniversary, or prom, you can ride in a fancy Sedan from a rental company. Limousine rentals are also available for people who really want to travel in style. Arriving at a party in a stretched limousine or limousine bus sends a real message to the other people at the party. They'll know right away that you mean business.

Trolleys are still popular modes of transportation in Naples. While they don't really move very quickly, a classic ride in a trolley can be an experience full of culture and history. Most people think of San Francisco and its steep streets when they think of trolleys. The tradition of riding in trolleys has been around in Naples for a long time. It's truly a fascinating way to get around the city with the locals riding with you. Check out the schedules to see when the trolley stops at each location in the city.

Private luxury buses are also good means of transportation in Naples. The entire family or group of friends can travel in one spacious, classy bus. These are perfect for longer trips that take you in and out of the city of Naples. See the sights and sounds of Naples in a way that most normal people would think of. The bus allows you to include everyone, and the more people a trip has, the better the trip can be. There are always those few people you wish you could have taken with you on a trip. You can have them with you now with the help of a luxury bus.

Taxi services are located throughout the city if you want to get around the standard way. The taxi drivers know just where to go to take you to your destination in the quickest manner possible. The advantages of a taxi are that the driver will know exactly where everything is and how to get there in the least amount of time. Friendly taxi drivers make a visit to Naples a lot more pleasant.

Naples Municipal Airport services travelers by air. The most common flights take people to and from Miami and Key West. The air traffic isn't usually too heavy in the airport, but you'll find a good flight if you want to. The best way to travel is often the fastest, and you can get in and out of Naples in a hurry with a plane.

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